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 Design Digest is a project that wants to express creativity led by all disciplines related to design.
Design Digest starts from zero, by people, relationships, feelings and opinions that can arise from seeing and doing new projects reaching significant milestones for the form. They interpret style and modernity with the charm of the beauty that surrounds them, Design Digest collections express this spirit with great refinement.
Constantly renewing the collections is Design Digest’s strong point. Every collection interprets the “mood” of the years in which it was created, and never goes out of fashion.

Their debut jewelry line is designed by Sara Simone and Irene Pecchenino. The collection has been produced in Italy by artisans of 304 stainless steel.

The collection is divided in three parts, ”Architecture,” which uses architectural details and delicate lines, the second part, ”Thin Think,” features extra thin, modular jewelry with flowing lines and light forms, while the last part, the  ”Trilogy” bracelets and rings, modular set of three that can be easily mixed into various combinations.













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