DICHOTOMIC by Aleksandra Zaborowska

The photo series Dichotomic by Aleksandra Zaborowska, a photographer based in Warsaw, Poland, is aptly titled as it focuses on the split personality of the model. As though symbolizing the idea that people are complex creatures with opposing thoughts, beliefs and desires, the photoshoot takes on two completely different styles. One revolves around grayscale studio images with a futuristic twist while the other involves vibrantly lush backdrops and eccentric feminine fashion.

  All images ©  Aleksandra Zaborowska

Take a look at the making of

photos: Aleksandra Zaborowska
model: Zuzanna Kołodziejczyk / D’VISION
make-up&hair: Marzena Stępień
stylist: Wojciech Szymański
assistant: Agnieszka Toborek
video/edit: Adrian Błachut

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