DZHUS’ AW20 Collection is an irony directed at the classic, stereotypical and ‘must-have’ clothing styles

DZHUSAW20 MISCONCEPT Collection is an irony directed at classic, stereotypical and ‘must-have’ clothing styles, which have been reinterpreted in the most unexpected ways, offering radical yet wearable transformations of the garments.

Reflecting on the shallow and transient nature of today’s fashion, Irina Dzhus aims to draw attention to the lowdown of the industry and comes up with styling stunts as alternative solutions against overconsumption. The designer looks literally between the lines of the trendy silhouettes, deciphering their structure and suggesting multi-purpose upgrades. The collection includes a recognisable oversized shopper bag which can now be worn as a skirt; a double-sided architectonic puffer that fits as perfectly upside down and features multiple modifications; and suspender shorts turning into a square tote – to name a few.

Normcore pieces have also become a great inspiration for DZHUS’ capsule. The intellectual designs play up the standardised sartorial details: collars, sleeves, pockets etc. which now either interflow into each other, or have been smartly imitated, or provided with new functions which reveal once a garment is turned inside out or fastened in a different way. The signature piece of the collection is an archetypical white shirt transforming into a handbag once folded in a classical manner. Celebrating all ins and outs of a fashion product and highlighting all the undertones, DZHUS state that what is considered a ‘wrong side’ always hides enormous utilitarian potential.

Featuring avant-garde textures and revolutionary cuts, DZHUS AW20 line is manufactured using cruelty-free materials, according to the ethical production principles lying at the core of the brand. For warm garments DZHUS used eco-friendly hemp insulation engineered by a Ukrainian label DevoHome.

DZHUS’ pattern-making inventions offer creative ways to minimise shopping by using seemingly basic items in diverse configurations, proving that a norm is the biggest illusion of all.

Design and info © DZHUS

Images © Alexey Ponomarev

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