DZHUS’ S/S ’18 line unveils designer’s secret passion for palaeontology

DZHUSSpring/Summer 2018 line unveils the designer’s secret passion: palaeontology. Having explored the phenomenon of generation and development of life on Earth for years, simultaneously with her patternmaking experiments, Irina Dzhus has eventually come up with unique zoomorphic silhouettes and geologic textures of the “Archaea” collection.

The conceptual cut of the multifunctional transformer garments pays honour to fossils of ammonites and trilobites, evolution of charnia and arthropleura, long-gone Carbon and Ordovician.
Along with the biological leitmotif, the collection carries an association with the scientific avant-garde of late 19th – early 20th centuries, appealing to the Victorian aesthetics as well as laboratory uniforms.

DZHUS’ Spring/Summer line features a vast variety of edgy yet exquisite textiles: crushed silk, mélange linen, sheer crepe, finest woollen gauze, cotton with a distressed effect. Traditionally, DZHUS have used alternative fabric finishes, accentuating the technological background of their design.













Design and info © DZHUS

Photography © Lesha Lich

Styling & makeup: Irina Dzhus – DZHUS Style Studio

Hair: Dmitriy Kuz’michev – Erteqoob

Models: Anastasia Kolenkova, Irina Fedotenko

Vegetarian-friendly shoes: Intertop


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