Flyte combines magnetic levitation with wireless power

With his head in the clouds and hands eagerly crafting new inventions, New York native Simon Morris has long exhibited a penchant for free floating objects. Years after his first hoverboard prototypes, his fascination with levitation led to collaborations with Nike and Urbanears; however, it wasn’t until 2010 that his own creations began to take flight. Merging the words fly, light, and the Swedish word for flow, his crowdfunded label Flyte creates luminous spectacles that combine the wonders of magnetic levitation with wireless power.

Flyte combines two technologies: magnetic levitation and resonant inductive coupling (wireless power transfer). It is a challenge to carefully balance the two technologies. Both have many constraints so it needs to be carefully designed to work together. Levitation is achieved between the base and the bulb through electromagnetic and a microprocessor stabilizing the magnetic field.

Flyte uses energy efficient LEDs rated to last for 22 years at 6 hours per day and sustainable sourced woods finished.












Design, info and images © Flyte

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