Generative Optimization by Parametrica [digi fab school]

With Romanian Design Week behind us, we are pleased to feature one of the most important and interesting projects that have been part of the event.

Generative Optimization consisted of a lecture [ through a global multidisciplinary overview, they defined a fresh methodology to optimize an idea; starting from the concept and decision making and continuing with digital and generative design tools to get the best solution for each problem. They also looked at nature to inspire the evolutionary optimization process in architecture and several tools to help in that task have been introduced. – It was destined for: no specific knowledge area was needed but recommended for designers, architects, engineers and business managers.] and a workshop [the primary objectives for this workshop were to show a different point of viewing the optimization process. It was destined for: technical students / professionals: engineers (mechanical, structural, civil, marine, energetic), architects, industrial/product designers. Grasshopper level 1 was required].

Below are the resulting projects of the worshop: “How we can design something that we can’t imagine” , that have been presented to a specialized jury consisting of: Prof. Dr. Arh. Dorin Ştefan, Prof. Dr. Arh. Augustin Ioan, Lect. Dr. Arh. Dan Georgescu, Lect. Dr. Arh. Ionuţ Anton, Asist. Drd. Arh. Daniela Tănase, and then, to a larger audience, thanks to Gens Du Bien, the Parametrica [digi fab school] team presented in the relaxed atmosphere of Fratelli Expresso Bar the experiment-projects.


by Monica Creţu, Zoia Alexandra Bafani, Larisa Răţoi




by Ghergu Yvona




by Diana Giurea, Ares Simone Monzio Campagnoni



by Paul Morariu





by Andrei Miţisor, Ina Leonte, Mihai Aostăcioae



by Laurenţiu Constantin, Ichim Răzvan


by Ioana Raluca Popescu, Irina Ilie, Cristina Tartau






Diana Nitreanu [Host & Coordinator]

Diana is a Romanian architect and painter, born in Bucharest, in 1985. She began her professional experience back in 2008, collaborating with several architectural offices. In summer 2010 she completed her professional Master of Architecture at IaaC [Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia], in Barcelona, Spain. At IaaC she made a profound research on Future Cities and bio-digital architecture which resulted in an essay regarding Interactive Urbanism and also Master Project, Hyper Forum, a future vision of Barcelona in 2100, where the Vertical City reshapes its form and functions according to its citizens. The project was recognized by the jury as an innovative solution, and pushed forward to future development. As well the CNN Television presented the project in 2011 Science and Technology section. During this time of study, while investigating critical issues in parametric design and digital fabrication, and noticing the potentials, Diana decided to train in McNeel Barcelona, to become an official trainer [Rhinoceros 3D modeling]. Returning back in Romania in summer of 2011, Diana co-founded Laboratorul de Arhitectura and Parametrica [Digi Fab School], where she is conducting parametric design workshops, including digital and low tech fabrication processes. Currently, Diana is working as an architect, continuing her research in parametric/algorithmic design, digital fabrication, interactive urbanism, while exploring digital tools and theories.

Arian Hakimi Nejad [Workshop assistant]

Arian Hakimi is Persian Architect, Photographer & Painter. In 2004 he started his undergraduate studies in India (U of Pune – MMCA), on 2006 he continued his further studying at (U of Tehran – Faculty of Fine Arts) from which he received his B.Arch. for his thesis project (Persian Museum of Lost Arts) for that, he started practicing Persian Glass Reverse Painting for 2 years which some of his paintings were shown in 2 exhibitions in Tehran. In 2011 he came to Barcelona to continue his graduate studies at IaaC – UPC, during his time in IaaC, he attended the Emergent Territories studio by Willy Muller & Maite Bravo 2011-12, and his research was on Future cities (how real time data could affect the shape of the cities), where he and Diana Nitreanu presented the project for the M.Arch I thesis, an extension urban zone Barcelona, where the buildings reshape themselves the several data parameters. In 2012 he continued his further research on Solar houses with Jordi Pagès I Ramon and Lluís Viu Rebés. With the concept of how the intelligence of architectural form of a building could affect the energy efficiency of the buildings. The project has been well received as an innovative solution on how the transformation of data in mathematics could optimize the architectural form. Since 2012, he started collaborating with Laboratorul de Arhitectura and as main instructor in Parametrica [Digi Fab School]. both from Bucharest, Romania. He has conducted two workshops: – PARAMETRIC DESIGN Workshop 6-7-8 July 2012 – Architecture in Fashion 11-12-13 Nov 2012 Currently he is working at ON-A Barcelona as an Architect, where he conducts researches in the various fields such as Bio digital Architecture and Parametric Design.

Santiago Martin [Key lecturer and workshop main tutor]

Santiago Martín was born in Valladolid, Spain on 1984. A year after his graduation at Oviedo University in Mechanical Engineering (2008), he started his Master´s Degree on Industrial Design Management (Oviedo University 2007/09). Then, Santiago started to work at Prodintec Foundation,Technologic Center of Asturias (Gijón, Spain 2008 /10) asdesigner for additive manufacturing. At the same time, he was postgraduate in Mechanical Engineering, Design, Construction and Fabrication (Oviedo University 2009/10). He´s also professor at IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) Master in Advanced Architecture since 2010, where he teaches (and enjoys) optimization, computational design and emergency solutions.

Horia Spirescu [Workshop assistant]

Horia Spirescu is an architecture student at the “Ion Mincu” University in Bucharest, in his last year of master studies and is currently working on his degree about paradigmatic islands in architecture. During his studies he has been for one year at TU Berlin where he tutored a class on Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. Horia has been participating in many competitions, has organized parametric modeling workshops and has worked in several media projects. He is very found of environment responsive architecture models and would like to fill the gap between pragmatic eco efficient architecture and parametric design procedures.

Sorina Dumitru [Workshop assistant]

Sorina Dumitru is currently studying architecture in Bucharest at the Ion Mincu University. She has experience both in digital fabrication and interactive installations, her background being object-based scripting. She was trained in Romania, under the tutorship of GDGH (Rhinoceros NURBS modeling) and Modulab Interactive Design Center (Arduino script and electronics). In 2012, she was awarded a summer scholarship by the Sci-ARC Institute in Los Angeles, California, specializing in generative design and digital fabrication. Afterwards, she attended Co-de-iT (Computational Design Italy) courses, hosted by Andrea Graziano and Alessio Enrioli, specializing in Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. In February 2013, she assisted Andrea Graziano and Alessio Enrioli in hosting the Breathing Prototypes workshop.

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