Hair Do by Ryo Matsui Architects

This salon is located in the prefectural road in front of Chiba Station where a monorail comes and  goes. Ryo Matsui Architects planned the two-story hair salon. In a condition called the ten years fixed-term land leasehold, it is required the coexistence as an intelligent architecture and effective interior. In the big roof covering the second floor as a main, it is made from a gabled roof-shaped by the warren truss with a light steel frame.

It is  matched up by steel materials as thin as possible, for example chord members of 60×60mm, lattices of  40×40mm, and roof purlins of 60×30mm. The contrast of the structure painted white and sheathing  boards, applying to the furniture and fixtures, let them fused their visual expression. The facade  of the big glass viewed from the frontal road, raises the internal aspect contributed a sense of unity. In restrictive temporal axis, it is expected that the salon is integrated into as a picture  frame of the city to contribute to local activation.










Info and images © Ryo Matsui Architects

Photography is by Daici Ano

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