Heidi.com by Retail of Tomorrow

White veneers curve and undulate into organic counter tops and display cabinets. Samsung Chemical Europe collaborated with Retail of Tomorrow and Zaha Hadid Architects to mount a technology-infused fair-stand for Swiss fashion label Heidi.com at this year’s Euro Shop – 16 to 20 February.

Heidi.com is a Swiss fashion company that specialises in the production of ready-to-wear apparel for men and women. The Heidi.com vision is to portray positive values linked to Switzerland through fashion, using innovative products and purchasing experiences that link the virtual to the physical. Late December 2013, the urban fashion brand opened its first flagship store in the Swiss city of Neuchâtel. The opening event marked the highlight of an unprecedented year of collaboration of the Retail of Tomorrow team.

«The Heidi.com solution is functional and it seems that we are about the first retailer on the planet to have achieved this.»

The vision was a store that ties in visually and operatively with the brand’s “fresh fashion” claim. Also, technology was to be used to create an exciting customer experience by blending the physical with the virtual world, combining the best of both; including the possibility to browse through the entire collection via interactive signage totems and then shop right there and then. The aspect of personalization was also key to the vision: greeting online customers at the store with personalized offers based on their past purchasing footprint

 All Images & Info © Retail of Tomorrow

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