Hewlett Street by MPR Design Group

 MPR Design Group have designed this exquisite house on Hewlett Street in Bronte, Australia. It is located on the northern flank of the Bronte gully with views towards Bronte beach and the coastline beyond. The design response was to place the living spaces on the upper floor as better views and more light were available. The bedrooms were located on the middle floor as this was more private and enclosed. The lowest floor has a rumpus area linking the garden and swimming pool to the house.

The underlying design intent was to explore the notion of “prospect and refuge” within a contemporary family house. The “prospect” was the beach and coast views to the south of the site which changes constantly depending on the season, weather and time of day. The “refuge” was the other desirable character where we created a quality of space that provides a sense of sanctuary, enclosure and comfort. Detail elements have drawn upon surrounding natural forms for inspiration. For example, the angled bands on the front façade reference the tree branches of the native eucalypts. They also serve as a privacy screen for the dining space behind the façade.























Info: www.mprdg.com

Images via hqroom.ru

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  1. says: Hildo

    Sir Genius..

    I have no words to express how beautiful this house is. I´m really thrilled!

    I am curious about the ceiling and the front of the house. Please, could you tell me if the structure was made ​​of steel or reinforced concrete? The curves seem to have been made with stainless, but please, tell me if i am wrong.

    Please, forgive me for the joke, but thinking and projecting a house like this is more than a genius.

    Thank you very much.

    Hildo Ribeiro.

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