House 0614 by studio Simpraxis Architects

 hqroom: The project was presented to House 0614 studio Simpraxis Architects . Private house owned by a family with two children and is located in the suburb of Nicosia, Cyprus. At first glance, the design seems overly impressive closed, but in fact the residence is designed with a focus on the inner courtyard, where sliding glass doors, hidden behind the doors of wood and metal, turning it into an open space filled with light.

 The house is divided into two blocks, the first of which is a two-story rectangular box, where the children’s bedrooms and a bathroom, as well as the guest area, office space, kitchen and parking. The second block of two high-level includes a living area, adjoining covered terrace and the master bedroom with a bathroom.Links between the two parts of the house stands a glass bridge.

 All images © Studio Simpraxis Architects

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