Iconic architecture endeavors to mend environmental conflicts: Timber Dental Clinic by Kohki Hiranuma

The location became a Housing Expo around 90 years ago as its quiet ambience remains from the inherited residential surroundings. However, after 11 months of research and analyzing the environment, the convenience of people was adopted for their essential needs in everyday life with the flow of time. Having this condition, Timber Dentistry will stand as an iconic architecture that signifies its remaining value, which in the future, endeavors to mend the environmental conflicts.

Orientation and shape of the surrounding residential influenced the silhouette of the structure’s west elevation. Gable roof that blends in the neighborhood transforms like drawing an arc towards the west side as its movement shows modernism. To give a warm impression to the exterior facade, natural materials of wood are used, where walls stand as a white canvas that complements cherry blossoms during its season.

The timber structure is enhanced by the transparency of glass, which captivates attention from the eye-level pedestrian located in the first floor. Timber material in inner space blends with the street of cherry blossoms, thus the architecture itself aimed to blend the inner and outer spaces. “Tree brings sunny and refreshing weather to the circumference.” Intends to develop a reproduction method while preserving its historic context even in a small building.







Info and images © Kohki Hiranuma Architect & Associates

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