Imperativo container by Giuliano Valeri

Giuliano Valeri for Formabilio: ‘Multifunctional felt containers cute, handy and sustainable. Fold the felt surface, insert the strings into the holes and let your Imperativo take shape, ready to  store your stuff, as box to keep your things, a colorful magazine rack to put right next to the couch. Super functional elements with a captivating design, you cannot miss them. Imperativo brings tidiness. Colorful felt containers, functional and eco-friendly. Imperativo is fun because you can assemble your own box, folding the felt surface and inserting the laces in the holes, and voila, Imperativo is ready to store your items, books, laundry and everything you want to put inside it. Beautiful design elements to collect in various shapes and sizes, as storage box, these are also the perfect gift idea.’






Giuliano Valeri is an architect and designer. He lives in Rome, where he studied  at the faculty of Architecture at Roma Tre University. Ever since he was a child,  as greatest joy of his parents, he usually had fun disassembling anything that was coming into his hands just to understand how it was working. This uncontrollable curiosity, together with a natural practical talent, pushes him to experiment with materials and forms, also looking from alternative points of view. He works in the environmental sustainability field investigating all its aspects and complexity. He thinks design is the synthesis in which subject, technique, craftsmanship and creativity melt together to give life to objects that combine form and function in a new way.

Info and images courtesy of Giuliano Valeri

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