Inspirationist exclusive: Interview with designer Richard Lindvall

Richard Lindvall is a Stockholm based designer predominantly working with interior design and concept direction, but also within a number of creative fields such as photography, publication and graphic design. Striving to always make his projects completely unique, Richard also designs furniture and decor that is incorporated into each of his interior projects. Richard is simultaneously driven by functionality and aesthetics, resulting in spaces that are at the same time spectacular and minimalist, exclusive but welcoming. This approach has given his work international attention in numerous publications, as well as winning prestigious awards such as the World Interiors News Award in the category Restaurant Interiors for Restaurant & Bar Nazdrowje, and an honourable finalist place in Architizer’s A+ Awards.

© Mikael Axelsson

Mr. Lindvall answered our questions for Inspirationist:

© Mikael Axelsson

INSPIRATIONIST: Where are you from and where do you live now?

Richard Lindvall: I was born and raised in Danderyd, just outside Stockholm. Today I live with my fiancee Sophie and our 10 month old son Douglas in an apartment in central Stockholm.

© Mikael Axelsson

I.: What’s your background?

R.L.: I am self-taught in my field with a diploma in advertising. I think this has helped me a lot in the way I think when it comes to creating interior concepts.

© Mikael Axelsson

I.: How did you fall in love with design and why?

R.L.: It has always been there, I guess. I grew up in a beautiful old big house just outside Stockholm with a father as a photographer, with a studio in the house, and a mother who was very talented and interested in creating beautiful homes. So my interest in interior design has always been there.

© Mikael Axelsson

I.: Where do you spend most of your time, and what does a typical day for you entail?

R.L.: Everyday is different for me and it´s difficult to get structure in the way I work. Mostly because my company is still just me, so I need to do pretty much everything myself. But I don’t complain, I live in a dream.

I have always admired the Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. I have a fondness for the jungles and his way to implement this in his minimalist architecture is something that really impresses me.

I.: What is your favourite part of your job?

R.L.: In addition to the luxury of working with on my passion, I would say that, together with my clients, helping them create their dream visions.

© Jonah Annerfelt

I.: Can you describe an evolution in your work from when you began until today?

R.L.: Today I am lucky to have the kind of clients that hires me for the design I am best known for and I do best. Before, you had to take a lot of jobs just to survive and sometimes you needed to design interiors for people with completely a different taste. But you learned a lot during those years, of course.

© Jonah Annerfelt

I.: If you had to choose one single designer/artist who has provided a source of inspiration for you personally – who would it be and why?

R.L.: I have always admired the Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. I have a fondness for the jungles and his way to implement this in his minimalist architecture is something that really impresses me. We both have concrete as a favorite material. Sadly he is no longer with us. When it comes to the architects that are still with us, I would say Swiss minimalist architect Valerio Olgiati. He also inspires me a lot.

I.: Which is your favourite design/work of art?

R.L.: Right now I would say the ”Wire Lounge Chair” from the Danish company Overgaard & Dyrman. Last year I won the WIN Award in London in the restaurant category for Nazdrowje and they won for best furniture with these chairs. This could be a classic, I think.

© Mattias Lindbäck

I.: Which of your designs is your personal favourite and why?

R.L.: I´m very happy with the result of Usine. I had such a tight budget and not really the team of people that I would have needed to create the 2000 square meter big project. but it turned out alright, I must say. The whole project, from the first meeting with the client until opening, took around a year. The space used to belong to the Swedish Tax agency with a lot of small meeting rooms, with a ceiling height of just 240 cm. It was very difficult to imagine how the space would look after they teared down the walls.

My favourite design right now is the ”Wire Lounge Chair” from the Danish company Overgaard & Dyrman.

I.: How do you unwind?

R.L.: I am going away on weekends to cities or places I have not been before and try to breathe a little. Just got back from The Outer Hebrides in Scotland.

© Mattias Lindbäck

I.:What kind of music are you listening to at the moment?

R.L.: Right now I´m into a classic rock period and listen to artists like Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and The Cure.

I.: What is your favourite colour?

R.L.: Different shades of gray.

© Magnus Östh


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