Intricate brick details and polished concrete window frames

The mortuary at the Norrtälje hospital in Sweden designed by LINK arkitektur is an extension of the existing hospital. Throughout the project, there were two areas of focus: to provide relations with the possibility of saying goodbye in a non-confessional, worthy setting, and creating a good working environment for staff with a functional flow in relation to the existing hospital.

The brick façade is characterised by intricate detailing with pronounced brickwork and window frames and door frames of polished concrete. Both the outsides and insides of the exterior walls are clad in brick, white stained ash panels encase the viewing room and the floors have limestone patterning. The viewing room has a brick wall relief with a clerestory that enhances the pattern effect. Outside, the viewing room is surrounded by a small garden – a place for reflection. The mortuary’s other operations take place downstairs, where the setting is of more traditional hospital character.









Design and info © LINK arkitektur

Images © Lindman Photography

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