Jabłka Adama Apple Store by mode:lina Architecture Studio

Jabłka Adama [eng. Adam’s Apples] (WWW.JABLKAADAMA.COM) is a new store with Apple computers in Poznań. Its young owners wanted to build fresh, interesting appearance for their business, that’s why they picked the designers from mode:lina architecture studio to create the interior design. Branding for Jabłka Adama was created from scratch by MINIMA.

The architects invented the name of the store – a combination of apples from Apple company and the name of the owner –Adam. The main theme of this interior became the fruits and everything that goes with them.

The typical exposing table was exchanged for a stall on wheels, built with wooden frames. Similar to the stall, a customer service point was designed – it’s a simple, big wooden box.

Wooden boxes, usually used for selling fruits, this time, they went on to the store’s walls as an exposition.

Alongside the  huge windows, the designers placed a long, comfortable bench with pillows that makes the interior more cosy and provides more comfortable time while shopping.

As paper bags are usually used as a package for apples, the architects came with the idea to reuse them and apply them on the store walls. Duplicated and superimposed, they create an outstanding yet raw and eco detail.








Info and images © mode:lina

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