Konstantin Kofta’s latest collection represents ‘FEAR’s intricate phenomenon

Konstantin Kofta‘s latest collection tends to fuse unusual components to achieve distinctions referred to a person’s lifestyle rather than just to the wardrobe. It was presented during the New York and Paris Fashion Weeks SS17. It is titled “FEAR” and represents its intricate phenomenon.

The concept of the collection reads: ‘Fear has its own beauty, elegance and sensuality. It is one intricate phenomenon. Only living being may experience fear. The dead are nonchalant. You can not cease once there is no self. You become the absolute silence, immortal and eternal, clear from the doom of an immanent “I”. It is important to stop grasping things by their names. Contemplate the feeling and let it reveal itself.’

KOFTA, is an artisanal Ukrainian brand specified in hand made leather bags and accessories and is based on totally unique technologies of shaping leather, 3D printing and sculpturing.













Info and images courtesy of Konstantin Kofta

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