La Morena flower pot by SHIFT

Long has concrete been regarded as a cold and industrial material. SHIFT believes its manual processes and properties, however, make it a modern, expressive and rich substance fit for many objects that have not yet been explored. “La Morena” is their first attempt to relocate this material as a highly aesthetic, modern and friendly component.

“La Morena” is a small pot that combines two materials rarely seen together, wood and cement. The combination of both results in an honest and balanced artifact where concrete’s stony aesthetics are countered and warmed by wood’s organic looks.

A smooth and delicate, laser cut wooden structure reminiscent of the agave plant serves as a base providing support for the concrete made pot. Its manufacturing brings together the old and new, by combining industrial craftsmanship and laser precision. “La Morena” seeks to activate local production and artistry.





Info and images © SHIFT

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