Large, semi-circular red stone wall defines Ronda House in Peru

The Ronda House is built on a rectangular lot that measures 12 meters wide and 22 meters deep on a priviledged site, facing the Pacific Ocean, a lateral view of white sands and dunes and backed by a beautiful red hill, thus the name of the place: Cerro Colorado (Red Hill) in Peru. Strict, rigid building regulations that specified heights, materials, including a white palette, etc. had to be dealt with by Marina Vella Arquitectura Urbanismo to comply with them and with the personal expectations of the family that dreamt of an organic architecture with cozy gathering areas protected from windy days.

The project encourages a continuos connection with its surroundings through an outdoor space with open partitions to the seafront, expanding the interiors and allowing the penetration of exteriors, while the lives of the occupants rotate around the central patio, marked by a large, semi-circular wall in red stone sourced from the nearby hill. The red color of the natural stone used on the patio forms a counterpoint to the pure white palette of this split-level home.

By using this natural rugged red stone and placing it in the center of the house, the strict building regulations are fulfilled. The semi-circular organic wall wraps the space in color and form for the activities of the family and friends and visually becomes part a of the Red Hill and a protection from the windy days. Circulation areas, stairs and corridors to the bedrooms are organized around the semicircular stone wall.  Daylight and natural ventilation are assured by skylights and small patios that fill the bedrooms and surrounding areas with light and infuse the home with the cheery ambience of a seaside holiday.








Design and info © Marina Vella Arquitectura Urbanismo

Images © Gonzalo Cáceres Dancuart



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