Layer creates landmark installation with Braun for the V&A during LDF

Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency Layer has been invited to design a landmark installation in collaboration with Braun for the V&A during The London Design Festival.

Over the last six decades, design has become a core pillar of Braun. The values of quality, functionality, clarity, longevity and timelessness have been integrated into an enduring design philosophy. Braun design ́s ethos is epitomized by the statement “Less but better” as once written by Dieter Rams the former head of design. This provides the starting point for the installation, titled “Foil” which coincides with the launch of a new Braun shaver.

Foil is located in the Tapestries gallery (Room 94) at the V&A. The gallery houses the historic Duke of Devonshire tapestries, which were made between 1425 and 1450 and are among the Museum’s greatest treasures.

The installation has been designed to showcase the performance engineering, materiality and movement of Braun ́s shaver foils. A 20-metre-long undulating ribbon comprising 40,000 individual metallic elements runs down the entire length of the Tapestry Gallery. The ribbon moves continuously and dynamically in a sine wave formation, re ecting and scattering light around the gallery. The shape of the 40,000 mirrored metallic elements is informed by the precision engineered shape of the Braun shaver foil, and the movement is inspired by the 360-degree movement of the Braun shaver head.

A system of 10 LED lights are directed onto the undulating metal foil, which re ects, amplifies and traces the light across the tapestries responding to the way in which the Braun Series 9 foil seamlessly traces the contours of the face.

“Together with the Braun design team we saw an opportunity to create a large-scale installation for the for the London Design Festival at the V&A to communicate the brand’s commitment to design and deliver an engaging and meaningful experience to a wide audience that embodies the values of excellence, engineering and quality that are imbued in every Braun product.” – Benjamin Hubert, Director, Layer

“Good design bringing functionality, quality and simplicity together is what Braun is about. To create better products with less, leaving decoration o and focusing on what is truly needed. The installation in the V&A is celebrating the foil – the most important part of a shaver, touching your skin. The simplicity of focusing on one part, one material can create amazing experiences.” – Oliver Grabes – Global Design Director, Braun







Info and images courtesy of Layer

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