Le Syndicat: a mixture of cocktail bar imagery with neighbourhood specificity

Cocktail bar usually echoes with highly decorative settings, geometrical patterns, rich or even overabundant environments. Le Syndicat is located on Rue du Faubourg St. Denis in Paris, a multicultural, alternative and sometimes even harsh neighbourhood. Le Syndicat, referring to both the spirit of protest and to criminal associations is designed as the mixture of the cocktail bar imagery with the neighbourhood specificity.

The original broken mosaic flooring from the 60s was retrieved, the pillars on the street side left bare as were the plaster panels of the acoustic lining with their slight green, grey and pink variations. More decorative, mobile and optical elements are combined: golden quilted curtains are surrounding the space enabling its partition, CNC-cut cork tiles cover the whole ceiling, the marble counter top of the bar on the patrons side is CNC-cut as well, chiseled as an upside-down topography. The back wall of the bar is covered with a warehouse steel pegboard supporting shelves and technical fixtures for bottles, glasses, mixology utensils and light bulbs. Like a casino table the bar is a single level counter made of stainless steel and marble, lit by cinematic spotlight and framing the barman performing the art of mixology.










Info © CUT Architectures

Images © David Foessel

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