Mórimo is a tactile sound module that allows to listen directly trough the body. It comprises of a womb-like flexible membrane pulled over the construction, and amplified transducers with an audio interface  mounted inside the wooden resonating chamber. One can connect there an audio player or any instrument (preferably drum) via  contact microphone. While playing, the listener immerse his body into the membrane to receive the music from the playback or performed alive by the musician.

Project defines new musical communication between receiver, player and a sound matter. It refers to the tactile aesthetic composition. Both roles (listener and performer) can easily be taken by deaf or hearing-impaired individuals, as  to reveal a broader and deeper sense of listening. Mórimo took a part in Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, International Computer Music Conference – Non Cochlear Sound in Ljubljana, Culture 2.0 Festival in Warsaw and ‘Touch the Sound’ workshops in Bialystok for hearing-impaired children.





All Images & Text © JUSTYNA ZUBRYCKA

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