Mosha House features wide views and an illusion of suspension

The location of the project is the Mosha region in the vicinity of the northern side of Tehran in the domains of the Alborz mountains. An intensive topography and a location between mountains with sights towards the flat plain of Mosha, inspired New Wave Architecture to create a sense of suspension and wide views all around. Their goal of merging nature with human life led them to create a vertical distribution of functions with less land occupation for the building and allocate more to the landscaping. The adopted shape is a transversal volume having its direction from the site towards the Mosha plain and resulting in three cantilevered boxes with specific rotations. Consequently, additional spaces are generated, where the ceiling of each story is the terrace of another. The apparent high slope of the site provides a perfect illusion of suspension for each box. Functions are distributed from the upper level to the lower one.

For the purpose of endless views, the sides of the boxes facing the plain have floor-to-ceiling windows. The also play the role of more than just an opening or construction element, they are similar to a transparent curtain between the inside and outside that overflows the house with landscape views. A reclined cylindrical shaft is located at the intersection point of the boxes and covers the stairs. It is shaped like a void that due to its position offers an oblique view through all three levels and improves family interactions. The sense of nature flowing through the spaces is enhanced by the use of wood as one of the main elements in the building. For preserving the purity of the form, the building is covered in one single white shield which makes the volume distinctive and bright in the company of the mountain.









Design and info © New Wave Architecture

Images © Parham Taghioff

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