MostraBlack by Guilherme Torres

 In the 18th century, the word ‘hotel’ was defined, at first, as the official address of the King of France. The term was later extended to describe the aristocrats’ houses and became a synonym for a large private residence which stood out in the neighboring area. A common practice among elite members was to rent its pied-a-terre when they were away for long periods. That experience allowed tenants to enjoy, though for a short time, the exclusive and reserved luxury of the finest addresses in Europe.

From this concept, described by Jaques-François Blondel in several of his treatises of architecture, Brazilian designer Guilherme Torres took advantages of the sensations caused by the characteristics of the space allocated to him at this years MostraBlack.

 MostraBlack is a 40-day annual event that brings creative and conceptual content of the top professionals in architecture, décor, and design throughout several areas of Brazil. Guilherme Torres and his team were selected by MostraBlack to showcase an oasis of comfort and style right in the heart of urban chaos, baptized Hotel Black.

Cool, sustainable, and absolutely snug and cozy. The bamboo – with none of its eastern folklore – plays a central role in the project. Bamboo is used on the floor, ceiling and some of the walls, which divide the scene, with an incredible three-dimensional ceramic coating, almost optical – The architect’s interpretation of the legendary fresco paintings and tromp l’oeils of the court in the old continent.

The lighting technique, which illuminates the space with energy efficiency, is brought to life through large tensioned screen panels. The high standard interior architecture travels beyond modern and functional furniture – most of the furniture pieces were designed by the architect’s team, specifically for this dreamy hotel exhibition where contemporary masterpieces interact with the passer-by. It’s an invitation to relaxation. It’s unforgettable, to say the least, revealing the city at your feet.


All images © Guilherme Torres

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