Mulberry House by SHoP Architects

Located at the corner of Houston and Mulberry Street in Manhattan’s NoLita neighborhood, Mulberry House consists of 8 full-floor, 3 bedroom residences, and one triplex penthouse.  Its proximity to the Puck building, notable for its decorative brickwork, as well as contextual zoning regulations dictating a “predominantly masonry” façade, led to the contemporary reinterpretation of this ancient art form as a design objective.  The rippled brick façade treatment acknowledges the fact that the brick is panelized not load bearing, and at the same time pays tribute to the highly articulated historic brick façades in the neighborhood.

This design approach provides an energetic contradiction between the inherent solidity of masonry and the suspended nature of a curtain wall, evoked through the undulating and highly textured pattern of the embedded brickwork.


The façade’s diamond-like pattern is carried through to the building’s lobby, which features a material palate of black lacquer, solid whites, and richly figured marble.









Info and images © SHoP Architects

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