Nod – control everything with a wave of your hand

Nod seamlessly transforms your movements into commands. It brings the world around you to life, as you control everything from your laptop to your living room lights with a wave of your hand. Because it works with the ever-expanding number of smart devices and objects around us, you can use Nod everywhere: in your home, at the office, and anywhere in between. Nod simply and easily integrates with all your stuff, wherever you go. Whether you’re leading a presentation, working with a team, or just surfing, Nod gives you complete control over all your display devices, from your computer to your smart TV. Swipe between slides, search for new shows, play with photos, or type notes without setting a finger on your device. Nod gives you control over your audio. Shuffle, play, and turn up your favorite songs without touching your phone or messing with a remote. With Nod and smart lighting, you can adjust the brightness and color of any room. Move and manipulate objects in three dimensions and enjoy a more physical, immersive experience no matter what you play.

Nod’s visual identity was created by Character: “We derived the brand mark from our inherent need to gesture when communicating. We wanted it to be fluid, dynamic, and inclusive.” Tish Evangelista  / Partner + Creative Director

The selected logo is an elegant mark that reflects the innately personal experience of using a Nod ring. The visual language is simple and refined, balanced by a tone of voice that is warm and expressive.

“We wanted to create the feeling of a live demo on the web, and really show people how this product will fit into their lives.” Will Geddes / Associate Art Director






Info and images © Nod & Character

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