Open-air pavilions offer spectacular views and a private, immersive wine tasting experience

The Quintessa Pavilions  are the newest addition to the Quintessa Estate, a winery and residence designed by  Walker Warner Architects. Situated on a ridgeline, each of the three open-air pavilions offer spectacular views of the estate while providing a private and immersive wine tasting experience. A harmonious fusion of architecture and nature, the carefully sited pavilions protect visitors from the elements while preserving the surrounding oak trees that shade the area.

The design of the unobtrusive 250-square-foot pavilions echoes the winery’s environmental sensitivity and material palette of durable, sustainable materials that age and weather well. Running parallel to the ridgeline, a bold blade-like concrete wall made with fly ash forms the pavilion entry where a doorway is carved out to reveal the panoramic view from the terrace to the vineyards beyond. The prefabricated steel structure creates long roof overhangs that protect visitors from the elements while expansive walls of operable doors help to maximize the openness for light, views and cross ventilation.

All in all, the approach to the project was one of minimal intervention to ensure preservation of the existing mature oak trees, which provide shade for the area surrounding each pavilion. The result is a unique and intimate wine tasting experience that can accommodate up to a dozen guests.








Design and info © Walker Warner Architects

Images © Matthew Millman and Matthew Williams



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