Ordination Vienna Woods by Juri Troy Architects

Not far from the Viennese boarder – in between the Wien River and the Wiener Street as well as in close proximity to Josef Hoffmann’s well-known sanatorium dating from 1905 – lies the Wienerwald surgery. The three-story high solid building accommodates three apartments in the top floor, which are illuminated by means of cut in terraces. The ground floor is entirely reserved for the surgery.

The entire surface area of 250m2 is solely structured by birch wood furniture that is 2,1m high. Approximately 280 birch logs enclose the surrounding glass facade. These serve as a sight- and solar protection and create a pleasant working environment. By means of a birch grove in the generously designed garden the same atmosphere is expanded into the exterior.








Info and images © Juri Troy Architects

Photo credit © Kurt Kuball

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