Parametrica [digi fab school] @ FAB10 Barcelona

Parametrica [digi fab school] has participated to the 10th edition of the digital fabrication fair FAB10 Barcelona, which took place from 2 to 8 July. The school has exhibited four prototypes designed during the digital fabrication workshops. FAB10 Barcelona is an event focused on the new technologies promotion, especially of the digital fabrication, with the purpose to make them accessible to the public.

“It is an honor for our school to participate to such an event with international magnitude. The invitation received from the FAB10 Barcelona team was a surprise, but in the same time, a confirmation of our efforts. It showed us that the workshops results are visible and relevant for the international digital fabrication community.” Diana Nitreanu, cofounder Parametrica [digi fab school] and architect Laboratorul de Arhitectura.

During the Parametrica [digi fab school] workshops the participants experiment the low-tech and high-tech fabrication, working into teams together with tutors with international experience. The purpose is the understanding of the design process and the growing of the professionalism level of the creative community, through designing installations and experiment-prototypes that can have an impact in the communities.

Participating to FAB10 Barcelona means an extraordinary step for the Romanian creative community, and impulse to the future generations of specialists. The presence to this international event was possible through the involvement of the Parametrica and prototypes teams and of their partners CRESSENT and Robofun, which supported a great part of the technology and necessary materials.

4 innovative experimental prototypes

The prototypes were designed during the Parametrica workshops and were improved and upgraded by the participants in a constant effort. The project Wavics 3.0 was developed during Generative Optimization 2013, and the other three projects The Triangulator, Hands Off Skirt and Exoskeleton Dress were designed during Architecture in Fashion, 3rd edition, April 2014.

The participants deserve all the credit. Parametrica school offers the support and the framework when they can find inspiration and the necessary instruments to better use the application of the digital fabrication.Arian Hakimi Nejad, cofounder Parametrica [digi fab school] and architect ZAHA HADID Architects London.




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