Paras Cafe in Shanghai is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea

Located in the Hongqiao Vanke Center in Shanghai, the Paras Cafe provides a leisure space to the working people and residents around. The design concept takes inspiration from the Mediterranean Sea where the blue water and white sands induce a relaxed atmosphere. The Swimming Pool Studio integrated clear features with a modern design philosophy and kept a perfect balance by creating a series of changes and connections. Together with the modern style with blue and white tones, a variety of geometrical elements line out the simple and clear shapes giving the space a unique sense of contemporaneity.

Tiles, metal meshes and plain cement were selected as main materials. The reception table in marble integrates into the environment perfectly and enhances the overall quality of the space. The round mirrors hung on the wall add to the points of interest of the cafe while also making the space more variable.








Design and info © The Swimming Pool Studio

Images © Peter Dixie

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