Prachasongkroa Kindergarden School by NPDA Studio

Prachasongkroa School is one of the oldest schools in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. It is located in the small rural area of the province. This project is to build a new building for its kindergarten department to replace the old one that was too old and was not safe for the children anymore. The building’s narrow site is located in the middle of old community and is surrounded by old buildings and trees. The area is wider in the front and is connected to the existing elementary school building.

The main building’s concept development came from freeform lines as the design was developed from the reality (space function) to dream (free form). The free shapes would create abstract, positive feelings for the children. It is also expected to add the ‘fun’ feeling into the school building and make the school standout from the surrounding contexts. The free shapes would also create moving, flowing space in this narrow site that can reduce the uncomfortable feeling of the narrow space and, hence, make this building a perfect imagination hide-out for the children from the real world outside.

The detail’s design concept was inspired by the nature of children as children would learn and develop their skill as they see, feel and play. The concept was based on contrary, the designer intended to create a building that has obvious contrast designs such as free shape vs. geometry shape, crude & rough surface vs. smooth & glossy surface, raw material’s true colors vs. primary colors and etc.. This will enable children to learn by observing and comparing the differences.









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