Primeval symbiosis by Konrad Wojcik

Primeval Symbiosis, a surprising, eco-friendly project. Danish design and architecture student Konrad Wojcik imagined a fascinating concept called Primeval Symbiosis. With the population constantly getting bigger and cities becoming more and more saturated, Konrad Wojcik turned towards living space installations that fit into the spaces of the organic world in the forest without disturbing its beauty or balance. Wojick took his inspiration from the trees and created a cabin-like structure of the future that is entirely self-sufficient, with a carbon foot print close to zero, built around a unique pole and intended for two people. The semi-suspended structure has a total living area of 61m2 and is divided into 4 floors. The ground floor is a wardrobe and stockroom, the first floor is considered the principal living space with a kitchen and bathroom, the second floor is designed as a work space and the top floor is the bedroom.









Info and images © Konrad Wojcik

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