Romanian Design Week Selection 2021

Romanian Design Week presents between June 4-13 a collection of some of the best local design and architecture projects of the last two years, reunited in the exhibition Romanian Design Week Selection 2021. It was developed under the RDW theme of this year, #together, and it aims to highlight the complexity and diversity of projects signed by Romanian creatives, as well as to celebrate collaboration and dialogue between disciplines. The exhibition will take place at Galeria Senat from Combinatul Fondului Plastic, the main destination of the festival.

Alexandru Floarea – Pygmalion

The selection of projects was made by the RDW creative board, made up of specialists in architecture, product design, fashion, graphic design and illustration: Adrian Soare, Dorin Ștefan, Ștefan Ghenciulescu, Iulia Stanciu, Attila Kim, Mihai Gurei, Mihnea Ghilduș, Carolin Ivănescu, Maurice Munteanu, Domnica Mărgescu, Andrei Iovu, Liliana Țuroiu, Ramona Chirică, Roman Tolici and Ovidiu Hrin. More details about each member of the creative board can be found here.

De Ceramica – Vase no.1

Romanian Design Week Selection 2021 will present architectural, graphic design and illustration, product design, fashion and multidisciplinary design projects. The exhibition concept will be signed by Attila Kim Architects.

Ioana Ciolacu – Cerc
Radu Manelici – Scena9 #3
Spațiuluiulia și FinFin Design – Mobilier Fin
Super Serios – The System in the Room

These are the names of the selected designers and studios:

Architecture /// A + Noima // Abruptarhitectura // ADNBA // Andreea Marinescu // Atelier MASS // ateliercetrei // BBArchitecture // Biroarchitetti // Corvin Cristian Studio // Cumulus // DAAA // Dico şi Țigănaș // Estudio ESSE // Architecture factory // Laurian Ghinițoiu & Dorin Ștefan Adam // Loredana Gaiță & Miodrag Stoianov // manadelucru // Manopera Architecture // Octavian Gugu // OOPY & TTL Arhitectura // Stardust architects * // Studio3plus // Super Serios / / VIA ARCHITECTURE // Yellow Office

Fashion /// Alexandru Floarea // Andreea Castrase // BORBALA // Ellida Toma // Ioana Ciolacu // Lucian Broscățean & Agnes Keszeg // MURMUR // Pif Stephano // Seen Users // Vlad Cheregi

Graphic design & Illustration /// Adelina Butnaru // Adrian Roșianu // Alexandra Mîrzac // Alice Voinea // Alina Marinescu // Anna Florea // Bold Branding Studio // Daniel & Andrew Design Studio // George Roșu // Graphomat // Gummycat Studio // Maria Bălan // Milos Jovanovic // Radu Manelici & Sebastian Pren // Saddo // Sebastian Pren & Claudia Draghia // Sorin Trăistaru // Tuan Nini // Type Thursday Bucharest // Victor Bartiș

Multidisciplinary /// Alexandra Constantinescu // Alexandra Irinciuc // Canel Averna & Adelina Butnaru // Julien Britnic // Kristina Dragomir // Studio ACT

Product design /// Adrian Balcău // Agnes Lukacs // Andreea Cornilă Studio // Askia // atelier.roca // Claudia Motei // DADA Studio by Dan Argeșan // De Ceramica // Drag and Drop // GRAMATSCHII Design // IU Studio // QIP Design // Space Space and FinFin Design // One as the Moon

Tickets for Romanian Design Week 2021 have been put on sale online, here.

(The details about the anti-COVID prevention measures will be constantly updated on, so that you can enjoy this festival edition in the safest conditions.)

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