Rosto do Cão House by M-Arquitectos

The plan settles on a contemporary design and ensures the function program given by the client. The proposed volume naturally settles over the smooth terrain, over a basement, which emerges the ground and only floor, respecting the existing topography in order to could gain the view of the sunset and the vegetation with the least impact on the surroundings. Therefore, the house merges with the farm scenery as well as takes advantage of solar light, through its shape, result of existing walls and paths alignments and of rethinking the traditional gabled ceilings, widely spread over rural areas of these Islands. The project is composed of an East/West axe, containing the most important areas such as the living room and the master bedroom. The living room also gains a projecting outer space. On the North, four programmatic boxes take advantage of natural light, comprising a bedroom, an office, a kitchen and a laundry-room. There’s an enclosed outer space for parking the car. The open land, with an East and South facing view offers existing walking paths, and a new wooden coated sundeck, for outstanding views over the slopes and the sea.





Info and images © M-Arquitectos

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