Rumah Padang Linjong: a tropical brutalist aesthetic in Bali

This residence by Patishandika that was built over 3 years is located in Bali, Indonesia. The main materials used were concrete and wood, in order to keep choice to a minimum and complement the natural landscape and environment. The house has a split leveling, so as one enters, he can see into different spaces on different levels.

An cantilevering concrete slab hangs on the side of the house, not only for a tropical brutalist aesthetic, but with a functional purpose to keep the direct sunlight from penetrating the double height windows. The main living room feature is the double height void and the upper-level music space for audiophile listening and a vinyl record archive. The studio space comprising of a box structure and an outdoor bathroom is situated on the ground floor.

The kitchen and dining area are free of walls, all open to maintain the outdoor-indoor living and let the cool breeze in throughout the day. A bridge over the living room connects the upper floor bedrooms. The overgrown greenery softens the hard concrete structure.

Design and info © Patishandika

Images © Tommaso Riva

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