Runway San Francisco Offices by FME + Seeyond

Forging new ground in the super hot Mid-Market revitalization is Runway, a co-working space located in the Twitter building and designed by FME and Seeyond. The brainchild of founder Allan Young, Runway is an invite-only incubator space for tech startups. The 30,000SF space assists the client in creating and reinforcing a cutting edge yet warm and unpretentious brand that reads consistently throughout the design of the space to attract top-tier startup tenants. Individual users and companies can rent a desk at a time or 400SF bays of space in the open office landscape. The high-density desking is complemented by a variety of communal areas for collaboration, meetings, video conferencing, training, and socializing. After less than a year in operation, Runway already has a waiting list of people interested in joining this community.








Info and images © FME and Seeyond

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