S3NS House 15 by Igor Kazmierczak

This is a concept of the Single Family House located in the district of Wroclaw – Oporów. The context consists mainly of single-family houses from the 60s. These buildings have flat roofs of similar height and width of the front facade. On the site there are old trees, for which the building was adapted. The building has three storeys, in which the ground level is located at two different heights. The main part – a living room on the west side – from the garden, has 4 meters hight, and the cabinet is located on the upper level of the ground floor, and has 3 meters hight (black cube in facade). The cabinet windows are facing the street.

The building has a basement, which is due to the high groundwater level extends 90 cm above the ground level. Basement is under half of the building, on the side of the street. In the basement there is a garage for two cars and utility rooms. On the ground floor facing the street is a study with a large window overlooking the street, this section lies above the basement floor and is elevated relative to the rest of the story about one meter. On the side of the garden is a large living room with a kitchen and dining area. On the ground running simple precast concrete stairs to the second floor. The children’s bedrooms located upstairs along with a bathroom and a large bedroom of parents, connected to bathroom and dressing room.

The building is designed as a brick with reinforced concrete elements. Facade will be made of boards Aquapanel Knauf. The building is currently under construction. Estimated time of completion is June 2014.



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