SALVA46 by Miel Arquitectos

Miel Arquitectos: ‘SALVA46 is our second exercise around the touristic apartment program in Barcelona, a topic hybridizing the hotel room experience with occupy a friend’s house while he’s in holidays ( which normally means taking care of flowers and several domestic animals). Domesticity & luxury, surprise & daily nature… a play of opposites upraised with our effort of using up the 3 dimensions.’

‘The particular Program: 2 independent study with bathroom included (one in each façade of the building between middle walls), sharing a central common space of access, kitchen and dining room. The Premise: the balance of privacy. Each one can lock himself without blocking the pass of natural light through him to the central common area, but during the night both can isolate their selves with sliding solid doors… “each to his own and god watching over everyone”.’

‘The height of 3.40m allows to put more energy of the upper level with 2 multipurpose mezzanines  (relaxing – working) levitating up on the beds and a shower receiving natural light and perhaps some distracted glance from above.’

‘The recovery and replacement of the original hydraulic mosaic of the flat with the reuse of a complete kitchen, which had a past life near Sitges, had been setting the beat for the rest of the matter decisions: hydraulics perimeters drawing carpets and movements, industrial parquet for the rest of the floor level, a white patina freezing the building wrinkles at the actual stage (ditches, reinforcements, sealed windows,…) and finally a bestiary of relaxed pieces of furniture assembling “ikeas” with woods, stones or metal at the bookcase-handrail of one of the mezzanines.’




Info and images © Miel Arquitectos

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