Saturn spill-proof wine glasses by SUPER DUPER STUDIO

SUPER DUPER STUDIO: ‘These spacey glasses are our reimagination of a traditional italian glassblowing technique, which we appropriated to prevent messy spills and stains. Four years of research and refinement has culminated in Saturn Glasses that are surprisingly light and satisfying to drink from. Chris has been blowing glass since 2006 and has honed his techniques with some of the best glassblowers in the country. His deep knowledge of traditional methods, combined with Matt’s fresh perspective as a newcomer to the material, has lead to a playful line of glassware that is a remix of Italian and Scandanavian glass-making traditions. To prepare the material for each cup, the molten glass is shaped by hand before being blown into a mold by glass artisans in Oakland, California. Each glass is then annealed overnight (a process which cools the glass slowly to relieve material stresses), cut, and polished by hand.’




Info and images © SUPER DUPER STUDIO

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