Sight. Coffee and Dine: a new gastronomic spot on St. Petersburg’s map

Sight. Coffee and Dine is a new gastronomic spot on St. Petersburg’s map, located on the Petrogradsky Island in a renovated historical district.

The restaurant by FORM Bureau comprises of two areas: the entrance part where guests can enjoy a coffee, have a snack or work on their laptop, while at the back, a slow lunch or dinner can be savored. Part of the kitchen is visible so that food preparation and cooking can be observed.

The original concrete and brick walls of the building have been preserved and completed with marble, metal and semi-opaque plastic. The carefully chosen material palette uses skin tone shades. Vibrant green fragments on the walls connect the interior with the greenery of the inner courtyard.

The space is a blend of the natural and man-made; lively plants stretch upwards to the metal sculpture overhanging from the restaurant’s ceiling, while the pink marble bar counter and breccia floor are the space’s main point of attraction.

Brass panels are moulded on the walls to compensate for the lack of sun in Saint Petersburg. Shimmering and semi-transparent surfaces create a pleasant feeling of weightlessness, turning Sight into an ideal place for meditative dining.

Design, info and images © FORM Bureau

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