Stacked and diagonally cut shipping containers generate monolithic private volume

Carroll House by LOT-EK is a single-family residence located in a typical 25 x 100-feet Brooklyn corner lot. 21 shipping containers are stacked and cut diagonally along top and bottom, generating a monolithic and private volume within the urban fabric. The diagonal cut modifies the conventional ground-floor rear yard type and uses, allocating outdoor space at each level. At the same time, the container walls along the diagonal cut shield the outdoor space from passers-by. Large sliding glass walls create continuity between indoor space and outdoor private enclosed decks.

At ground level, the diagonal cut provides entry to the cellar and garage. Kitchen, dining and living room occupy the first floor above ground, while the area right above the garage ramp forms a media room with bleacher seating and projector. The kids’ level is right above, with the intimate space of single containers providing privacy to the bedrooms and a large open area dedicated to playing. At the top, the master bedroom is split into an open space with a bed and a large bathtub and a large dressing area with powder rooms. The container assembly optimizes usage, recombining all leftovers generated by the diagonal cut.









Design and info © LOT-EK

Images © Danny Bright



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