‘Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder’ Installation by Alex Chinneck

A new ‘cloud’ has risen over London’s Covent Garden thanks to innovative British artist Alex Chinneck. His new installation Take my Lightning but Don’t Steal my Thunder’ suspends reality and sees a section of the Market Building magically levitate over the Piazza.

Chinneck’s new artwork combines art, architecture and theatre design, blurring familiarity with fantasy to transform an ordinary everyday view of Covent Garden’s Piazza into the extraordinary. Inspired by the performance culture that’s synonymous with the neighbourhood, the 30-year old artist and his team have conjured up the illusion that a 40-foot-long building has broken from its stone base and floated over 10 feet into the air with apparent and astonishing weightlessness. The installation has been modelled on the original architecture of the 184-year old Market Building and will take residence on the East Piazza until Friday 24th October.







Info © Covent Garden

Images © Jeff Moore

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