Tbilisi’s third municipal Mediatheque focuses on openness

Being inviting is a central aspect of the architectural concept for the third municipal Mediatheque in Tbilisi, Georgia designed by Laboratory of Architecture #3. The building is located in the center of a park, in a district where housing blocks stand surrounded by vast industrial zones. The project aims to fill the deficit of cultural and educational facilities in the area. The building serves as a traditional and a multimedia library for children and adults, it has reading halls, children play areas, spaces for the lectures and various presentations. It is as well a venue for conferences, concerts and exhibitions.

The architectural form can be perceived as something that is divided into two parts and enclosed in a single rectangular frame. The building is situated at the end of the main pathway of the park, which flows under the fabric coated steel contour that cantilevers 12 meters in the front and envelopes the dynamic self standing composition including the spiral ramp welding with a cylindrical volume of the cafeteria.

The form of the ramp is derived from children’s slides and serves as a welcoming gesture for the kids. Surrounded by the frameless glass, the interior is arranged in functional oval rooms that hold the structural load of the second floor as well. The Mediatheque also features a blue round courtyard on the upper floor which serves as a source of sunlight and is the perfect location for outdoor events.










Design and info © Laboratory of Architecture #3

Images © Nakanimamasakhlisi

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