Tent Chair: the world’s first 3D knit by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency Layer has created Tent Chair, a seamless knitted seat for Moroso. This is the seventh product launched by LAYER with the renowned Italian furniture brand. Tent Chair is the world’s first truly three-dimensional knit, with steam activated 3D-knitted cushions and seamless sleeves integrated into the body of the chair. The Tent Chair is the result of 20 prototypes over a two-year development period, and represents the studio’s increased focus on delivering intelligent material solutions. Tent Chair launched in April 2017 at Hall 16 – Stand A29/B22 as part of Salone del Mobile, Milan, one of the world’s most important annual design events.

The Tent Chair is knitted in one single seamless piece comprising over 2 million knitted loops and 50,000 metres of yarn, with integrated cushions and sleeves into which a steel frame structure can be inserted. Digital knitting technology allows for a single production process to be used during the manufacturing, making it more efficient. As with a tent construction, the knit is tensioned using guide ropes. These ropes are made from high-performance sailing rope. The combination of stretch, support, transparency, padding and 3-dimensional form in one seamless knit makes TENT one of the most advanced pieces of upholstery constructed to date.

The lightweight construction conforms to the shape of the user and has generous seating proportions to deliver high comfort and support. The components include knitted bi-colour seat with integrated cushions and mesh, steel frame and guide ropes. The Tent Chair is made from 100% recyclable knitted nylon and can be used both inside and outside. The knitted cushions are breathable and allow water to pass through them, making the chair suitable for all weather conditions.

Tent Chair is knitted from 100% recyclable nylon. As the chair’s padding is integrated into the knitted element there is no need for additional foam, making the chair a more sustainable seating solution. The chair is lightweight and has a knockdown construction to allow for flat-packed shipping. All the soft features of Tent are knitted into a single garment eliminating any unnecessary waste, commonplace in conventional panel and stitch upholstery.








Design, info and images courtesy of Layer

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