Tent House challenges the expectations of a weekend retreat

Chris Tate designed The Tent House for his weekend/personal retreat/studio. It was an experimental project designed to challenge the expectations of what a weekend house may be. It is not tiny, but it is compact and very liveable. When not in use, it is rented out for short term accommodation and photo shoots. The house comprises of 70m2 of floor space including the mezzanine sleeping area, there is compromised floor space due to the compounding angles running to the point. There is one bedroom, one bathroom, a fully functioning kitchen with the rest of the space being open plan or somewhat of a gallery for the living.

The front deck has been designed to ‘fan out’ giving the illusion of a ‘shadow’ cast by the structure. The house is set in a New Zealand native rain forest setting where hundreds of native plants have been planted to recreate a natural native forest landscape. In doing so, many of the native birds have returned. Chris Tate built as much of the building as he could and had architecture students help with the process, so it was a very much hands on experimental process. They did the foundations, floors, framing and had professionals take over with services and cladding etc.










Design and info © Chris Tate Architecture

Images © Simon Devitt and Jono Parker



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