Terraced house in Casavells by 05 AM Arquitectura

This terraced house  by 05 AM Arquitectura is located between party walls in a long and narrow plot in the city limits of Casavells, Girona, Spain. Its original state was ruinous, so the architects proposed to retain only the stone facade located towards the street, facing north and in contact with the people.

On the south facade the urban context disappears and the site has fantastic views over an open landscape with a strong horizontal component. Here the volume is stepped, defining horizontal terraces in resonance with the landscape, to allow openings with a good use of natural light and landscape.

The basement level is offset to adapt to the setbacks required. This level includes the main entrance to the house, so the intend for it was to have more spatial character than a dark background garage. To this end, the central part of the ground floor is placed at a intermediate level, allowing for a view of all the living spaces of the house from the basement level.

The garage is understood as a transition space between the interior of the house and the garden, which can be used for other purposes. The ground floor is defined as a single, open space. Thus, the landscape and garden are visible from the access on the street. This is achieved by placing the central area of the study at an intermediate level. This intermediate level is a space that communicates the different rooms and activities of the house, where the study and library are located, and features stepped seats that turns it into a play area for children, meeting space or screening room.

The fist level, where the bedrooms are located, is broken down into three areas, with gaps in between that allow the entry of natural light. These floors are at different levels to qualify the continuous space of the ground floor into several interior volumes.







Info © 05 AM Arquitectura

Photo credit © José Hevia

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