The Cake by “The diversity of images and forms presented in a 80 m2-main hall has only been achieved due to the fact that most of design elements have been handcrafted. In contrast with the piles of cakes of ideal geometrical form installed behind the transparent walls of the kitchen, every floor concrete tile has its wrinkle as each of 10.000 of them has been handcrafted. Yet altogether they make up a harmonized puzzled surface. Two high seating areas have their own dedicated color and tactile symbol. Rustic wooden surfaces with felt thin bar-chairs standing on metallic racks neighbor with velvet fabric of cozy bottle-green couches and sofas covered with a warm shade of grey. On a pale and color-muted background of the interior, a glossy pink sculpture looks extremely contrasting – just like a glazed cake on a white plate. Consistency in contrasts has been demonstrated in the mono-color toilets: pink, deep-green, yellow, reminding that simple solutions might yet look very unusual. Sun light walks in through the massive windows, fills up the whole space and reaches the opposite glass walls adding contrast to the beautifully carved wooden panels bar on its way.”









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