The Fragrance Kitchen by Jassim Al Shehab Architects

Designed to emulate the smoke of Arabian incense, the spectacular wooden wall of Kuwait City’s new TFK store is constructed of 500 laser cut wooden pieces. Jassim Al Shehab Architects (ARCHJS) are the creative minds behind the seductive, sensual, and architectural ambiance of TFK, a moniker short for The Fragrance Kitchen.

The 700 square foot shop is the latest chapter of the ongoing perfume legend that began in 2005 by Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah, where rare scents such as Oud, Taif Rose, and burning Agarwood are bottled with class and sophistication. The Kuwaiti based fragrance house was born of childhood memories and sensory memories that became associated with Sheikh Majed beloved grandmother

The architects at ARCHJS interpreted Sheikh Majed deep passion for fragrance into the built environment starting with a minimalistic and discreet exterior appearance. The TFK signage, is extruded and back-lit upon the dark facade of the entrance to create a sense of contrast in effort of attracting passing shoppers at Kuwait City’s Al Hamra Mall.

Upon entrance, shoppers are initially drawn to the spectacular wooden wall display consisting of 500 laser cut wooden pieces designed to emulate the smoke of Arabian incense; recognized as bukhoor in the Arabic language. The voluptuous wall display highlights a limited collection of fragrances that sit on a back-lit surface, meticulously aligned under a parallel direct light. Here, the perfumes are elevated by a custom designed metal stand meeting ones eye level to enhance the interactivity level between the product and consumer.

The laser cut wall feature runs from the wall, up to the ceiling, guiding the consumer toward a multimedia black mirror wall that reflects the wooden wall display in a darker tone. Containing ten LCD screens, the mirror wall  showcases an exclusive collection with each screen dedicated to a different perfume.

 All images © Nelson Garrido

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