The Green Studio by Fraher Architects

The Green Studio is a garden based creative home work space for Fraher Architects’ Architectural Practice. Situated in South East of London the building was driven by the directors need to balance a young family with an increasing workload.

The studio’s shape and orientation has resulted from a detailed sunlight analysis minimizing its impact on the surrounding buildings and ensuring high levels of day lighting to the garden and work spaces.

The split levels and grounded form helps to conceal its mass and facilitates the flowing ground scape transition between the garden and studio. Clad in a stainless steel mesh the terraced planter beds and wild flower green roofs will combine to green the facade replacing the lost habitat.

Carefully orientated high performance glazing combined with super insulation and a robust natural ventilation strategy means the building requires no heating or cooling. Hot water for the kitchen and shower are provided by a large solar array and thermal store.

All the joinery was designed, fabricated and installed by the practice’s sister company Fraher + Co.

The webs of red parachute cables replace the traditional balustrades between the two levels of the office and they extend from the double-height ceiling of the ground-floor workplace to the mezzanine office, the resulting nets being strong enough to hold a person’s weight. The architects wanted to keep visual permeability and something that didn’t feel like a balustrade, something that you can sit in to read, and would catch you if you fell onto it. In that sense, they ensured that the gaps between the cables are not wider than 10 cm to minimise so that no one slips through them by accident. The form of the cord stretches and bridges to visually emphasise the faceted angles of the studio walls.






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