The Halfbike by Kolelinia

Halfbike is a new kind of personal vehicle designed with the user’s experience in mind. Its combination of cycling and smooth assisted running provides a remarkably quick and fun way of urban travel. Its innovative rider position, at the same time both upright and higher, gives you a new perspective on the city.

Suitable for commuting short distances of 1-3 miles and small enough to take onboard public transport for longer trips. It is compact enough for an elevator, light enough to carry on stairs, and fits into spaces too small for a normal bicycle. Mimicking low-impact style running, it’s great for both recreation and exercise. The pure joy of riding that it brings will motivate you to go out and have a good time.

Halfbike transforms commuting from a monotonous task into a pleasant part of everyday life. It is an exciting and fun way to get around the city. The upright riding position gives both better visibility and excellent control. You turn simply by leaning in the desired direction. Just feel the ride and follow your body. The rest comes naturally.

Halfbike is produced by hand locally from high-quality materials and components. The lightweight aluminium frame is laser cut and hand welded and the handlebar is hand crafted from impregnated plywood. All components are meticulously selected and come from a range of well renowned manufacturers.










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