The new home of Nara Cellar’s wines embodies the coexistence of new and old

Located in a typical commercial building type in the Sungsoo district (Seoul, South Korea), an industrial district being transformed into a cultural hub, the new home of Nara Cellar’s wine store embodies the coexistence of the new and the old as part of the design operation.

Due to budget and schedule, the project of Exfoliate Wine Shop had to be reimagined from a renovation to a repair. The wall assembly and the shelving units were integrated into a single assembly with added insulation and used OSB panels and studs as the two materials to be used for building up the interior. The exterior of the building was designed by one-aftr through a series of delaminations and demolitions, revealing many of the bizarre details that were hidden under the canopy.

The operation of delaminating and adding the ornaments wall assembly elements into interior fixtures is not to simply display the rawness of these materials but to achieve refinement and resoluteness through the assembly of operations that are in tune with the material culture of Seoul.

Design and info © one-aftr

Images © Jang Mi

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